• LED Lighted Iridescent Trees

  • Candy Rope String Lights

  • Curtain String Lights

  • Hanging Starburst Lights



  • Where can I buy BeatSync products?

    Currently sold at most Walmart stores and online at

  • Do I have to charge my BeatSync products before use?

    No, BeatSync products are battery-operated. No plugs or connectors needed.

  • Are there different modes to my BeatSync products?

    4 light functions: Light Show (responds to music), Steady On, Slow Pulse, and Blinking

  • Do BeatSync products come with an auto ON/OFF timer?

    Built-in timer function turns OFF after approximately 6 hours and ON again after 18 hours.

  • Do I need to download an app to control my BeatSync products?

    No app required; BeatSync technology has one built-in button to control it all.

  • Will the microphone be able to detect my music?

    Yes, the featured built-in microphone detects a wide range of dynamic sounds from 65 db to 110 db.

  • What is (DSP) Technology?

    Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology analyzes the frequency and amplitude of sound, which allows the lights to react more effectively to your music.

  • How many LED lights are on one strand of BeatSync string lights?

    BeatSync string lights come in 120, 100, 50, and 25 count options.

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